lonely. Breakdown: Swim in the Light by Kid Cudi

Now that we’re tuned in to the correct Frequency, Scott gives us his message. Written and produced solely by Cudi, Swim in the Light is my personal favorite song on the album, hands down. The continuous edgy bass runs through, as high and low balanced synths sends waves through your heart while Scott pours out his feelings. Simply stated, Scott is expressing through his lyrics that he won’t go back to his own ways of calming his anxiety, but you already new that. What you might not have fully noticed was that this first part of the production makes you feel anxious with the quick rhythmic synths, constant bass and repetitious high hats. The only thing that lets gasp for air a little bit is the quick claps that come in what feels like an irregular heart beat, half way through each stanza.

The interesting thing is the way the lyrics match with the switch in the production. Cud goes to an airy synth pad that lets us breath regularly again and feel calm. But of course once we feel this way we will be tempted by our demons, as Scott references in his lyrics.

“Calls, from the dark/I got hope in my eyes/No help inside,” here he’s able to not look back at his past and his demons but look towards the light and leave those evils behind. But this isn’t a perfect world, no matter how you numb the pain it truly won’t go away. But Scott understands that there are some methods that only feed the demons rather than suppressing them. Music is one way he can suppress them, and we hear it all during the harmonizing and the intensely beautiful outro of the song.

In this part you can really hear the passion and emotion come out in his harmonies. Sometimes you can’t express yourself anymore with just words, in this part Cudder delivers a perfect message about his suffering and his willingness to become well again, strictly through a harmonious language that we can fully understand.

I pictured Cudder coming home and immediately wanting to get to work, and this was the product of him just releasing all of his feelings the day he got back home. I’m glad you’re well again big brother. Mental health is no joke, I admit I have my demons as well. Thankfully I have my writing, like you have your music. Kid Cudi thank you for this amazing track that I feel is too much overlooked, your genius and musical talents were on full display in this one and I can’t wait to see you preform this live. I’ll be there with you, swimming in your light, and love.


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